About Dan Montano

Dan Montano delivers services under the umbrella of services that influence the User Experience. These services include:

  • User research – Find answers that can lead strategy, innovation and design
  • User personas – Segmenting your users based on preferences and behaviors. Identifying what they need from your products and services.
  • User scenarios – Identifying key user and business scenarios
  • Context analysis – Identifying how use contexts influence users)
  • Information architecture – Improves finding content, leveraging information
  • Data strategy – Identifying opportunities to leverage data
  • Analytics strategy – Identifying valuable metrics and dashbaords
  • Content strategy – Identifying opportunities to deliver and leverage the value of content
  • User interaction flows – The steps your users will take to reach their goals
  • Business process flows – Interdepartmental, online and off-line flows
  • Wireframes – Blue prints for your application or website
  • User testing – Identifying where and why users need improvements in your products
  • Data analysis – Reviewing data to identify issues and opportunities
  • Retention strategy – Identifying ways to improve user retention
  • Conversion strategy – Identifying ways to convert visitors into customers
  • Visual and graphic design – Creating visual content for communications
  • Content creation and content marketing – Content is the new SEO. Content in any digital media. Illustrations, infographics, animations, interactives, video, games, writing and more.
  • General consulting – Helping you identify which services you need and delivering on those services.

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