What’s worse than not using UX?

What’s worse than not using UX to help your company compete in the marketplace?

Something that’s worse is relying on basic applications of UX. The days where you could just approach an UX problem following the standard UX process are part of the past. It’s no longer good enough.

This is especially true in dense and competitive markets; and in markets where the largest competitors are leveraging armies of UX employees.

UX is a strategic tool. When it’s leveraged properly, UX helps companies emphasize their strengths. It also helps differentiate your company and creates a competitive edge that is uniquely yours.

I’m not talking about competing on “a better user interface”, “good usability” or “a simple UI”, or “better UX” — those are just basic expectations. That’s not good enough anymore.

Applying basic UX in markets that require a more strategic application is irresponsible. Companies that make this mistake are wasting money and accelerating their demise.